Transaction Management

If you are contemplating: an acquisition, a disposal, a merger, a joint venture, raising capital, a public share listing or an MBO then there is nothing better than having someone alongside you who has ‘been there and done it’. We have experienced all types of Corporate Finance transaction - some in the role of client as well as others in the role of adviser.

We offer practical help, advice and support before, during and after the transaction enabling you to maintain effective management control of your business, so often forgotten in the excitement of the moment!

“Are you prepared to undertake that Transaction?”

If your books, records and forecasts are not in a state to impress those undertaking due diligence on your business, we can help you remedy that situation. Our comprehensive check list can be compared against your records, the results scheduled and any shortcomings found can be remedied.

Transaction Review

Assessment of 3rd party company
Financial impact review
Advice on the deal structure
  Preparation and/or negotiation

Preparation of a business plan
Preparation of a financial model
Preparation of Investor presentation
Preparation for internal due diligence
Due diligence on the target
Advice with deal negotiation

Selection and liaison with professional team
Documentation review
Supervision of completion
Statutory and company secretarial support
  Post Transaction Support

Systems and administrative integration
On-going review of transaction impact
Advice on corporate governance
Provision of “comfort” to funders

“Unless your systems and records are immaculate, our help could improve the perception of your business, reduce your transaction fees, increase your likelihood of success and, potentially, enhance your ultimate value”