Stephen Foale was engaged as Financial Director/Company Secretary on a part-time contract basis by View From Publishing Limited, publishers of free community newspapers in East Devon, West Dorset and South Somerset, for nearly five years.

Although Stephen joined the company with no previous publishing experience, he soon acquainted himself with the industry and market place and played a crucial role in developing the group into one of the most progressive publishers in the West Country, ahead of overseeing its eventual sale to a larger publishing group. Several years later, when I was offered the opportunity to acquire another publishing group, Stephen was the first person I called, and after helping me with the complex purchase, became CFO of this new group.

He is a man of great integrity, who commands respect at all levels, but with a gentle, supporting personality which was and is an enormous benefit in building a new company and giving support to all staff members during the challenging years of setting up the company

Stephen is a strong but uncompromising negotiator and a very creative thinker in helping to develop the business, always supportive of the staff on the ground, a stickler for detail and he possesses a cheery disposition which endears him to all my colleagues.

Philip Evans CEO
Capital Media Newspapers
When we created Yelofin, Stephen’s challenge to our financial plans were instrumental to their ultimate credibility and his straightforward presentation of it eased understanding from interested investors. Stephen was also pivotal to securing both bank debt and equity for our company and in the finalisation of a shareholders’ agreement acceptable to all parties.

Nigel Moulton
Managing Director
Yelofin Networks Ltd
Stephen came to us as a business coach under the government’s Growth Accelerator programme and made a swift positive effect with regards our strategic thinking. IMA had been in business for many years as a reseller of other peoples’ analytical technology within the Oil & Gas sector, but had discovered a gap in detection that had significant potential. Stephen guided with the preparation of business plans and forecasts, helping us raise £400,000 of LEP loan and £250,000 of grant monies. His insight, depth of knowledge and practical approach persuaded me to ask him to stay on as out part time CFO, a role he has performed admirably, steering us to maximise the IP created from our development work and towards raising the new capital needed to make it into global products.

Paul Stockwell
CEO Process Vision Ltd
I had been running my business successfully for many years, but when it came near retirement, I realised I needed help in trying to sell it.

Fortunately an early introduction to Stephen meant he was able to direct the preparation well in advance so that the due diligence carried out by the eventual purchaser went smoothly, giving added comfort to the acquirer. Stephen also managed the sale documentation, advised on the deal structures and interpreted the legal speak into language I understood. He made the whole process easy for me and, I believe, added value to the eventual price.

Keith Talbot
Talbots & Associate - Chartered Surveyors.
I first met Stephen when I attended a workshop ran by him on understanding financial management for SME owners. This course encouraged me to employ a part time FD for my SaaS business which I found from within his FinanceHeads association. Sometime later, having decided to seek a purchaser for our business, we re-engaged with Stephen to help us prepare for an exit and to guide us through the subsequent successful sale process. 24 months on, when I decided to start up a new Hi Tech business I sought him out to help me set up my business, obtain a small grant and then seek external investors. Having someone with that depth of experience on board takes a lot of pressure off of me and allows me to spend more time developing the business.

Wayne Soutter CEO
TrackerSence Ltd